Business Succession Planning

We believe that following a comprehensive, holistic planning process can help owners to confidently plan and execute a successful business transition and maximize outcomes for all stakeholders.  Our business succession planning process consists of five sequential steps:

  • Identifying your business succession planning goals, objectives, motivations, and timeline;
  • Analyzing the business and help you to determine what’s it worth;
  • Identifing your business transition options (i.e., should you sell to an existing shareholder or partner, to a group of employees or to an ESOP, to an external third party buyer, or transfer it to family as part of your estate planning);
  • Reviewing deal structure, tax consequences, and funding options with you and all stakeholders; and
  • Executing/implementing the deal.

To learn more about about how to engage us for business succession planning, please click here.

Business Succession Planning Assessment

An especially ideal place to start the business succession planning process is with a business succession planning assessment.  To learn more about our business succession planning assessment, please click here.