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Green Zone

Congratulations! Your estate plan is in the Green Zone. That means you can sleep well knowing it will protect your family. Be proud knowing you’re doing what it takes to leave the legacy you imagine.

Why Isn’t My Estate Plan Bulletproof?

How to keep your estate plan bulletproof:

  • We recommend that you revisit and revise your estate plan every 2-3 years. Like taking your car for an oil change, these regular tune-ups can be fast and easy. And like an oil change, they’re essential to prevent unpleasant surprises.
  • You should also work with your estate planning attorney to update your plan whenever you experience any major life changes. These could include birth, marriage, divorce, shifts in a business, buying a new property, and more.
  • Finally, changes in the probate code or tax law can push an estate plan out of date. Review Watson Law’s topical articles on estate planning, including alerts, to make sure you’re in the know about any changes before they can blindside your family.

Your family deserves an estate plan that works. And you deserve the peace of mind of knowing you’re leaving behind a legacy, not a mess. That’s why at Watson Law, we help families like yours create — and maintain — estate plans that show how much you care. Schedule an estate plan review today.