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At Watson Law Group, APC, we believe that when lawyers make hours the important part of a legal project, they are bound to focus on hours, rather than on the result or outcome desired or the value to the client. Lawyers that are myopically focused on billing by the hour have a kind of inherent, built-in conflict of incentives with their clients. We believe that lawyers should be focused on the value or results they deliver to clients, not the number of hours billed. This brings cost clarity and certainty from the beginning of a legal project through the completion, promotes efficiency, and provides agreed upon pricing upfront from day one. Enter Frank Fee.

Why Frank Fee

Cost Clarity and Certainty 
Hourly billing puts all the risk on the client. Is it fair that most clients do not know the full cost of a trust and estate or business planning matter until the end of the case? We don’t think so. Clients deserve peace of mind and to know the exact cost of their legal project on day one.

Agreed Pricing
In no other walk of life does a professional begin working on a matter before quoting the full price, yet that is often how lawyers quote prices for trust and estate litigation, trust administration, probate and estate administration, and business planning matters. Before beginning a legal project, we believe that clients deserve a fixed, transparent pricing option for the project. 

No Hourly Fees
If insurance companies can price for earthquakes by quoting a fixed fee, why can’t lawyers price their legal projects by quoting a fixed fee? We believe they can and should. Hourly billing typically leads to frustration, mistrust, and unhappy client relationships. Fixed, transparent pricing for legal projects leads to better outcomes for clients and their lawyers.

Better Communication

Without having to worry about a clock being counted in six minute increments every time clients want to talk, email, or text with their lawyers, clients and their lawyers are then free to have better communication and work together toward the outcome and result desired in their case. At Watson Law Group, APC, we even offer our clients a secure messaging platform we call “Communicate,” so that communication with our clients is even better.


Simple. We meet with you to discuss your trust and estate planning matter and help you assess your options. We quote you a fixed fee for your project thereafter. 

Yes, though we’d request a change order or a new engagement agreement.

It is rare, but occasionally some clients prefer to be billed by the hour. While we do not recommend it, we do meet our clients where they are.

An estate plan shouldn’t be a one-and-done affair. We’ll be there to help with updates over the years as life shifts. And when the time comes to execute the plan, your family can count on our guidance.

Watson Law Group, APC, is an estate planning and litigation firm based in Orange County, California. We help families create bulletproof estate plans that leave a legacy, not a mess.



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