Your estate plan is in the Yellow Zone

That means there’s a chance it may not protect your loved ones in the way you intended.

In order to leave the legacy you imagine, we recommend you schedule an estate plan review with a qualified legal team within the next 60 days.

Why Isn’t My Estate Plan Bulletproof?

There are a couple reasons your plan may have landed in the Yellow Zone:

It’s been too long since your last plan review. We recommend that you revisit and revise your estate plan every 2 years. Like taking your car for an oil change, these regular tune-ups can be fast and easy. And like an oil change, they’re essential to prevent unpleasant surprises created by changes in tax law or life circumstances.

We don’t fully trust whoever created your plan. There are lots of great legal teams who can create a solid estate plan. And… we’ve seen way too many disasters in court to imagine that everyone who SELLS estate plans truly has the expertise to protect your family. We want to make sure what you think will happen actually does. That’s why we recommend you schedule a review with our team. We know exactly what traps to avoid, because we’ve spent years in the litigation trenches helping families cope with bad plans. Since 1999 we’ve helped over 500 hundred families write estate plans that work — and we want to make sure yours does too.

Your family deserves an estate plan that works. And you deserve the peace of mind of knowing you’re leaving behind a legacy, not a mess. That’s why at Watson Law Group, we help families like yours create — and maintain — estate plans that show how much you care. Schedule a plan review today.

Watson Law Group, APC, is an estate planning and litigation firm based in Orange County, California. We help families create bulletproof estate plans that leave a legacy, not a mess.



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