Multi-Discipline Collaborative Partnering Model

Because the nature of our work is often transactional, we do not ever seek to replace a client’s existing trusted adviser or advisers; instead, we believe that business succession planning is a team sport, requiring a business owner’s professional advisers to work interdependently and collaboratively. Interdependent thinking encourages the advisory team to work synergistically, and to perform at the top of their critical and often specialized abilities. Because each professional brings a different perspective to the business succession planning process, the team (and client) benefits from the combined experience and creativity of the group. In our experience, this often permits the planning process to be more responsive to evolving group ideas and leads to better coordination and implementation of the transition plan.

Online Team Work Space

In order to promote a collaborative working environment with the advisory team, we discuss and create time and responsibility schedules that are inclusive of the full advisory team, and we create a secure online work space for the project, where the advisory team can keep track of group tasks, workflow, deadlines, and drafts of working documents over the course of the business succession planning engagement.

Our Optimal Client Profile and Business Segmentation

We have worked with small business owners and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, ranging from startups, to family businesses, principals of professional practices, and franchise owners (i.e., food, retail, business services, automotive/car dealer franchises).

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